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Let EXPLORERS amaze you with the different Kayak and SUP tours that organize. Enjoy the adventures that Halkidiki has to offer!

Παραλία Μικρό Καρύδι, Βουρβουρού, Χαλκιδική, Ελλάδα

Amazing Tours And Fun
Adventures Waiting For You

EXPLORERS will amaze you with the different Kayak and SUP tours that we organize. Enjoy the FUN Adventures that Halkidiki has to offer!

Κανένα Tour δεν πληροί τα κριτήριά σας

Explorers' Rentals at
Special Prices

EXPLORERS offers Kayak, SUP and Pedal Boat rentals at amazing prices! Check them out....

What they said for us What they said for us

It was worth it getting there from Moudania. We had so much fun. The kids want to go there everyday.

By Tina & Gus

Περάσαμε, εμείς και τα παιδιά καταπληκτικά! Ήταν η καλύτερη ημερήσια εκδρομή που κάναμε στις διακοπές μας στην Χαλκιδική. Η εξυπηρέτηση, ο εξοπλισμός αλλά και τα Tours ήταν φοβερά. Τα παιδιά δεν ήθελαν να φύγουν.

By Μαρία & Κώστας

The best place in Halkidiki by far! We had so much fun its amazing! I will do it every year....

By Mary & Mark

Are you looking for fun? Are you ready for explorations? The guys at Explorers know best how to help you have both. The place is amazing, the beaches are the best in the world!

By Michael

I never imagine how much fun and how beautiful are the beaches of Halkidiki..... Explorers for ever ! !

By Antony

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